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In March 2021, I updated this website. My first experience using Bootstrap was fun, and it's great the site is now more mobile-friendly.

If you maintain your own website and don't rely on pre-made templates, an excellent learning resource is (the site has extensive information and even includes innovative pages where you can experiment with code to learn).

This page features updates on happenings I consider significant in my writing adventure. And may contain nuts, or other random things that catch my eye when I'm not being distracted by squirrels.

"In ancient times they had no statistics, so they had to fall back on lies."

- Stephen Leacock

News "Ticker"

Fall 2021 - In addition to writing, I've become a member of the Word on the Lake Writing Festival planning committee and have been assisting with membership administration of the Shuswap Association of Writers.

July 2021 - Two of my flash fiction humour pieces were published this month. "British Noblewoman Who Got Caught In the Rain and Didn't Fall Into an Immediate Coma Charged with Witchcraft" was published at Little Old Lady Comedy, and "Greetings from the Variant Attending the Tokyo Olympics"was published at

July 2021 - I completed a year of writing a daily microfiction story on Twitter using the #vss365 word prompt. Total reads for this group of stories was well over 100,000, with readers from more than a dozen countries.

May 2021 - In an exercise for a writing group, I wrote a theatre play—a comedy—and was surprised how much I enjoyed the writing experience.

April 2021 - My poem "Pac Man Mania" was publlished in the April issue of Dwelling Literary.
Jan 2021 - Using a Duotrope gift subscription received at Christmas, I updated my submissions tracker and was pleased to see that although, like any other writer, I receive plenty of rejections, my overall acceptance percentage is considered higher than average.

Fall 2020 - took an excellent creative writing course from Gotham Writer's Workshop, New York.

Publictions 2020 - After retiring and starting full-time creative writing in mid-2020, I was pleased to have numerous short stories and poems published. Fiction published included horror, humour, literary, and sci-fi horror.

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